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This is a long post and  quite detailed. I just have to share it as this is the first real breakthrough I have had and needs to be told, in case it helps you too.

I have suffered from Transverse Myelitis for nearly four years. As a result of this, I now have severe Chronic Fatigue, constant pain and paraesthesia ( feels like ants crawling over skin).
I have had numerous therapies and drugs prescribed by my neurologist, pain specialist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists… the list goes on and on!
I have not responded well to the drugs as they tend to have nasty side effects for some people and I am one of them. Acupuncture, physiotherapy and managing strategies have had some effect on coping, but I had pretty much resigned myself to a life of permanent exhaustion and pain.
When I heard about Red Rush (which is marketed for athletes, to help with endurance and energy), I wondered if it would make any difference to fatigue.
Well! I have had twelve so far and just started my second box. I have gone from a fatigue score of between 7-9 ( if 0 is the best imaginable and 10 is the worst imaginable) to between 5-6. For me, this is nothing short of miraculous.
Interestingly, two friends who have known me pre-TM and have been incredibly supportive since I became ill, have both commented on the difference in me.
Specifically, I tend to have very low energy all the time, but when particularly fatigued, my calf muscles feel as if they have no strength; I have horrible brain fog; my speech becomes slurred and I really can’t do anything at all. All of these have improved vastly.
So, three days ago I discovered some Composure lurking in a cupboard (can’t even remember why I have it!) I had a quick readup about it and wondered if it may help for some of the crawling skin (which is constant and truly awful- from the tip of my head to my toes). I have to say, I didn’t expect any result-but…. I have been taking one twice a day for three days (for very early days yet) and this awful sensation has gone from 10- 8 on the scale. Just amazing.
Currently I am taking: Barley Life 7 a day (morning)
Cocoa leaf greens 1 teaspoon a day (morning)
Red Rush one a day (midday)
Composure 1 twice a day (morning and evening)

Seems to me it sure is worth a try.

A quick thought- when one has fatigue, eating properly is often just too much hard work  and even the idea of taking lots of tablets seems too much. Good idea to start slowly and build up as your energy increases.