Constipation in children can be a common problem. This problem is usually described as hard and painful stools or going several days without a bowel movement. This condition is commonly caused by diet. However, it can also be caused by not drinking enough water or waiting too long to go to the bathroom.

Once a child develops constipation and has hard and painful stools, they might begin to hold in their bowel movements to prevent it from hurting again. This creates a cycle which can make the condition worse.

Following are some natural tips to help prevent constipation in children:

  • Encourage them to chew their food more, as the first step of the digestion process starts here.
  • Make them play more because this stimulates the bowels. (The ‘pump’ for the lymph system, which takes out the garbage in the body, is physical movement.)
  • Eat more fruits and veggies, which contain fiber as well as cofactors. Cofactors is the term professionals use when talking about vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs to process food. The body can’t break down protein and other foods well without co-factors.
  • Drink more fluid, especially water, as it helps flush the digestive system, among other things.
  • Eat less or eliminate white bread from their diet, as it contains many of the same ingredients found in paste and glue. (Dairy can be included here as well.)

These tips may seem simple, but they’re an effective way to help solve constipation in kids.

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