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Welcome to MyAIMStore’s Resources page. Here, you will find a wealth of information that can help your website reach its potential. Think something should be here that isn’t? Contact us. We are always seeking to improve the site.

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MyAIMStore pages are built using WordPress software, so many of your questions can be answered at WordPress’ help section. Also, note the suggestions and helpful links on certain resources below.


Theme whats? Basically it’s just a big long page about how your website works. Info for advanced users and beginners alike.

WordPress Codex

We owe a debt of gratitude to WordPress for helping to make these sites FREE. Check out their help section for in-depth analysis of how these sites work.


Check out a number of handy, helpful video tutorials on everything from site set-up to photo uploading.

How To guides

More into reading? No prob. This group of posts has detailed info on how to do virtually anything with your MyAIMStore website.

Submit to search engines

If you would like to get your site indexed by the various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), visit these links and let them know you exist.

Blogging and copy writing advice

If you want to be a better writer or if you want to be a writer period, check out the Copyblogger site for tips and research on how to write effectively for the web.

Images and graphics

Pick and choose from any of the following images for your website’s main image. These graphics are based on the popular ads from AIM’s Advertising Center over at the corporate website and are sized to fit your Featured Image area.





To add any of these pictures to your website, right-click the picture of your choice. Choose “Download” or “Save as…” and save the image somewhere on your computer that you can remember.

Then upload the photo to your site by heading to your MyAIMStore Dashboard and the Customize settings. Upload the photo in the Featured Image area, and you’re done.

If you need a hand, shoot us an email.

In addition to graphics, there are also some MyAIMStore badges that you can use however you see fit – on your site, on your business cards, on a tattoo? OK, maybe not a tattoo.


View the MyAIMStore themedocs.