Rex Russell What the Bible says about healthy living

Rex Russell What the Bible says about healthy living


So, what fish and seafood can we safely eat according to God’s Word?  Fish that have both fins and scales, like Anchovy, Barracuda, Bass, Black pomfret (momchong), Carp, Cod, Crappie, Drum, Flounder, Grouper, Grunt, Haddock, Hake, halibut, Hardhead, Herring (alewife), Kingfish, Makerel (cobia), Mahi-mahi (dorado, dolphin-fish, not to be confused with the mammal dolphin), Minnow, Mullet, Perch (bream), Pike (pickerel, jack), Pollock(Boston Bluefish), Rockfish, Salmon, Sardine (pilchard), Shad, Silver hake (whiting), Smelt (frost fish, ice fish), Snapper (ebu, jobfish, lehi, onaga, opakapaka, uku), Sole, Steelhead, Sucker, Sunfish, Tarpon, Trout (weakfish), Tuna (ahi, aku, albacore, bonito, tombo), Turbot (except European turbot), Whitefish.

Wow, that’s alot!

Did you notice lobster and other shellfish ARE NOT listed?!  It is because they filter water in and out of their bodies, therefore ingesting the toxins in the water and if we eat them, we get the toxins too.  They were created to keep the oceans and lakes clean.

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