New year…new habits to eat healthy and lose weight!

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Well, it’s a new year.  A time for new beginnings, a time to again take control of your own life.  Happy New Year!  Happy New Healthy Life!   Time to get back on track with healthier lifestyle choice…especially in the food category.

I weighed myself and I was NOT happy.  I will share my weight at a later date…

I started a new program today.

Started the day with 16 ounces of warm water and juice of 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon.

After a half hour… took my greens (1 tsp AIM’s Leaf Greens, 1 tsp AIM’s BarleyLife Xtra, 1 Tbl AIM’s Just Carrots, and 1 tsp AIM’s RediBeets)  They are the juices of these amazing young plants and young plant grasses in powder form, so I add about 8 ounces of water (sometimes apple juice) and I mix them up with my handy hand-held mixer.  Drink it down and I have 4 or 5 servings of veggies already to go into my body on a cellular level…how easy is that!  Now that is fast food that my body can use almost immediately!

Had a steaming mug of decaf green tea (full of anti oxidants) with just a sprinkling of stevia for a bit of sweetness.

Breakfast was a 3 egg white omelet with 2 cups fresh broccoli and zucchini and 1 Tbl of cheddar/Jack shredded cheese.  I added 1 tsp of Bragg’s amino acids to give it a salty soy sauce taste.  Yum!

1 scoop AIM’s ProPeas protein powder and 1 scoop AIM’s Fit ‘n Fiber with about 16 ounces of water, mixed in my power mixer…as a snack.  I am full now!

lunch was 2 cups greens, cukes and tomatoes, 1 T craisans, 1 T sunflower seeds, 1 T lite mayo, 1 T FF Greek yogurt plain, 5 ounces of white tuna, 1 T lite honey mustard dressing

16 ounces water

homemade chicken soup with lots of carrots and celery.

1/2 cup chocolate Jello pudding made with skim milk.

12 ounces of water, 1T AIM’s Herbal Fiber Blend, a few drops of cinnamon flavored Stevia.

Going to bed early, so I don’t snack:)

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