What the Bible says about healthy living

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Principle II:  Don’t alter God’s Design.

There are a lot of different issues that Dr. Russell discusses in this chapter.  He talks about the importance of washing our hands/body, having a separate area for bodily waste, uncleanliness, immorality, etc.  I am not going to expound on this area at this time.  On this blog…I am focusing on  the ones relating to food.  It is a great book…read it for yourself for more information.

Principle III:  Don’t let any food or drink become your god.

What we put into out bodies does make a difference.  Have you ever eaten all the Halloween or Easter candy in just a couple of day?!  Guilty as charged!  And boy was I sick!  All that sugar just upset my stomach and body for days…I would say it was even weeks, before I was back too “normal”

Well, I am sorry and ashamed to admit, but sometimes Reece’s Peanut Butter cups or Snickers have been my god.  Sorry, Lord.

They taste so good, and are OK in moderation…but when I overdo it, it hinges on gluttony, actually it is gluttony…who am I trying to kid.

Rex talks about fasting and the importance of cleaning out our bodies and giving our digestive tracts a much needed break.

What is a fast?

According to Grolier’s Encyclopediait is the practice of abstaining from food, either completely or partially, for a specific period.  It can be part of a religious act or just to kind of purge the body of poor food choices and to start new.

Four kinds of fasting:

Normal fasting—not eating for a definite period of time

Absolute fasting—not ingesting food or water and should be of short duration

Partial fasting—maybe omitting 1 meal a day or omitting certain food.  Eating only fresh vegetables I am going to start this tomorrow , January 6, 2011…follow me in my other blog at www.aimforbalance.com I will be adding fruits and some protein.  Let’s see how I do!

Rotational Fasting—involves avoiding certain foods periodically.  Like eat food families (grains) every fourth day,etc.

We also need to rest.  We are a society that says, Strong people don’t quit!”  Well, we can also be strong and sick…our bodies need rest.  Think about when you are sick or have a fever…do you want to eat and party?  No, you want to rest…listen to your body, it is telling you the right thing!

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