AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer helps when you fall

AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer helps when you fall


My Uncle Andy recently fell on some ice and injured his back/hip area.  He has a history of back issues and is in pain alot.  Some days he can hardly move from pain and stiffness.  I went to visit him and my Aunt Louise a couple of days before he fell and gave her a bottle of AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer to try.  I really like it, so I wanted her to give it a try for joint and muscle pain.  It helps with my restless leg syndrome (NO more issues) and any aches that I may have.  I fell last year and injured my tail bone.

When my Uncle got home after he fell, Louise put AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer directly on his skin at the injury spot. She did this a few more times during the day and added some heat.  Heat really seems to bring out all the benefits of AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer…all the natural magnesium can sink in deep to the injured area.  The next morning, my Uncle could get up and walk!  No stiffness or much pain at all.  He couldn’t believe it!  He was a bit of a skeptic about naural remedies…not ANYMORE!  It has made a difference in his mobility.  My Aunt called me and wants to order 4 more bottles!  One for her son who has knee issues.  I am so glad that GOD guided me to leave a bottle with her!  If you want to know more about AIM’s Cell Wellness Restorer with ancient sea minerals and natural magnesium, go to my on-line store—

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