What is glutathione?

What is glutathione?


What is glutathione—Glutathione is a substance naturally produced by the human body through the synthesis of certain amino acids in the liver. It’s also used by virtually every cell of the body to neutralize toxins. Since glutathione is composed of three amino acids, namely gamma-glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, it is classified as a tripeptide. However, unlike some other tripeptides, glutathione possesses a unique peptide linking structure within the cysteine and glutamate chain. The thiol group in the former allows the glutathione molecule to provide what is known as a reducing equivalent, which means the ability to donate one electron to other molecules rendered unstable and highly reactive due to a lack of balanced electron pairs.  The primary function of glutathione is to provide antioxidant activity by regulating the reduction of cysteine thiol side chains as they adhere to proteins. This action helps to deter oxidative stress and cellular damage from free radicals. In fact, glutathione is essential to protect the eyes, skin, kidneys, liver and many other organs from toxic byproducts produced by the body through normal metabolism. In the liver, glutathione aids in the detoxification and removal of harmful toxins, including those generated through environmental pollution, and the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

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