Anti-oxidant cycling

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Anti-oxidant cycling

In antioxidant cycling, antioxidants work together for an enhanced, combined effect.  When the antioxidant vitamin E disables free radicals, it becomes a minor free radical. Both vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acid convert the radical form of vitamin E back to its antioxidant-self.  However, when vitamin C recycles vitamin E, it changes to a free radical. Alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione can both “recycle” vitamin C back into a potent antioxidant.

Glutathione not only recycles vitamin C, but is the cells’ primary antioxidant. Maintaining high levels of glutathione is critical for life – low glutathione levels are a marker for death at an early age.

Glutathione diminishes as we age and cannot be boosted significantly through supplements.  N-acetylcysteine manufactures glutathione, and alpha-lipoic acid regenerates glutathione, ensuring that the body has an adequate supply. Selenium is part of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which recycles glutathione.

OPCs also play a role in cycling as they sacrifice themselves in order to neutralize harmful free radicals.  In doing so, they make it possible for vitamins C and E and selenium to do less “antioxidant” work, allowing these nutrients to perform their other functions in the body.

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Reference AIM Proancynol 2000 data sheet 2005

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