Never be Sick Again by Raymond Francis

Never be Sick Again by Raymond Francis


I just finished reading an amazing book called “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis, M.Sc with Kester Cotton.  It was a very beneficial book for me to read in several ways.  I learned that health is a choice I or anyone can make.  I can either pay now for better quality food, or pay for doctors and hospitals later.  My health is determined by many things that my body is exposed to.  I learned about one disease and two causes, as well as six pathways to health and I can choose to be healthy or not by how I travel those pathways.   Food combining was another area covered in the book that I knew nothing about, yet makes perfect sense to me now.

I learned what the term disease really means.  It is when our cells malfunction to the degree that they interfere with the body’s ability to balance and regulate itself.  The concept of one disease, which is cellular malfunction and two causes, which are deficiency and toxicity, is so simple and yet so true.  The deficiency being our cells not getting what they need to thrive and survive and toxicity being our cells being poisoned by something they do not need.  The six pathways were so interesting.  I found myself losing track of time as I read about how nutrition, toxins, psychological, physical, genetic, and medical pathways between health and disease and they determine our health.  I learned that a holistic approach to health requires attention to all of these pathways.  Our lack of knowledge about these areas is something we are missing in our society today.

I must be proactive in my own health.  Sickness never happens without a cause.  Illness is a result of the poor choices I have made.  By placing the blame for sickness on excuses, I can relieve myself of responsibility.  But it cannot be the case.  I am the one putting the lower quality food in my mouth and choosing household chemicals and cleaners that are not good for my body.  Most of the time, I did not even know I was making poor choices.  Now I know and by learning and accepting responsibility for my own health, I am empowered.  I have learned many ways to improve my health within the pages of this book, including being aware of the dangers and toxins all around me and how depleted our food is of essential nutrients.

I did not realize that we are a nation that eats too many calories, yet we are getting too few nutrients.  That causes our brain to ask for more food to try to make up the difference.  That is leading to obesity in greater numbers than ever before.  Our soil is depleted, so in order to grow plants, chemical fertilizers are being used.  Plants are genetically altered to grow faster and to appear bigger and more vibrant.  On the inside they are starving for real nutrients, as are we.  Pesticides are used to kills parasites and pests, because the plants are so weak and malnourished, they have very little defenses against the common pests that our grandparents gardens had no problem conquering.

Stress is another factor in our health.  Many people today are spending lots of time in emergency mode.  I learned that to minimize damage for chronic stress, I must find healthful ways to adapt, such as social support and activities, counseling, meditation, therapy, exercise, yoga, self-hypnosis, keeping a journal, and my favorite, prayer.   I can also choose whether to “stress out” or seize the opportunity and go with the flow.  Learning to laugh and being flexible has also helped me deal with stressful situations.

Food combining and how I eat is another topic I found very beneficial.  Learning about what foods go well together for proper digestion was enlightening.  If I force my body to digest incompatible foods, it results in improperly digested foods that produce dangerous toxins.  It also deprives my body of essential nutrients.  A couple things I learned about food combining is not to eat fruits with anything else and on an empty stomach.  Vegetable and protein or vegetable and starch together is okay, but do not eat protein with starch.  I usually mixed these two and was wondering why I had indigestion.

This book was very beneficial to me.  I would recommend this book to others, in fact, I already have.  It is important for people to realize that we are in control of our health.  What we put into our bodies affects our health. If we can just understand that concept, we can prevent disease and illness.  Most times, we never even think about our health or what we are exposing our bodies to, either in our food, drink, skin products, or environment, until we are sick.  One statement from the book that sticks with me is, “Our health is determined by the positive things we do for our bodies minus the negative things we do to our bodies.”  I am now equipped with ways to improve my health.

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