AIM BarleyLife Products

AIM BarleyLife Products


BarleyLife Xtra powder
Great taste, amazing nutrients!

AIM BarleyLife capsules• 280 vegetarian capsules / 40 servings• Provides a full spectrum of nutrients• Capsules dissolve rapidly for excellent assimilationand absorption• Great for travelers and people “on the go”• Free of animal products, soy, and wheat.

AIM BarleyLife Sample Packs— in convenient single servingsAIM’s Sample Packs come in handy, resealable pouches containing six single servings of BarleyLife or BarleyLife Xtra. Heading out on vacation or just a quick trip somewhere? Want to share BarleyLife with someone? Looking for a handy way to carry some BarleyLife as you go about your day? The single serving Sample Packs are the answer.

AIM BarleyLifeXtra powder— when taste makes all the differenceBarleyLife Xtra is a delightful, cherry-apple flavored green barley juice powder with 18 different fruits and vegetables. With only one gram of sugar per serving, BarleyLife Xtra provides a healthy, nourishing alternative to the plethora of sugar-filled drinks available today. Children and adults alike enjoy this smooth, pleasant drink. • 9.03 oz (256 g) powder / 57 servings• Provides a full spectrum of nutrients• No artificial sweetener, coloring, or preservatives• Free of animal products, soy, and wheat• Each 4.5 g serving of BarleyLife Xtra contains 4 g BarleyLife• Great source of vitamin C—a 4.5 g serving contains 34 percent of the Recommended Daily Intake.

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