Soda and an acidic pH

Soda and an acidic pH


Cola and acid pH
Soda lowers your pH

In order for our body to work at it’s best, we must maintain body fluids in the slightly alkline range, 7.1 to 7.5 pH. The pH scale goes from 0 (totally acid) to 7 (neutral) to 14 (totally alkaline). Most degenerative diseases are linked to acidity, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gall and kidney stones,to name a few.  Cancer and all diseases, as well as fungi, bacteria and yeast thrive in an acidic, oxygen-poor environment.

When I check people’s pH with a simple saliva test, and it is slightly on the acid side…they just say, “oh, it’s just a little off”.  They don’t realize  that  every point on the pH scale is ten times  more acidic than the previous number -for example from 7 to 6 is 10x, from 7 to 5 is 100x etc. From 7 to 2 is 100,000x more acidic.

Now let’s talk about sodas/colas.  I personally have no use for them and I think they are causing lots of damage to our youth.  Colas are around 2.5 pH range.  I haven’t found a soda above 3.0.

Diet sodas are even worse and are the most acidic.  In addition to be acidic, they can cause you to gain weight.  They alter the blood chemistry, making changes in your metabolism leading to a slower metabolic rate and causing the formation of fat to store the acids to protect the body.

Over the long term, the effects of colas are devastating to the body. Acidity, sugars, and artificial flavors and sweeteners can shorten your life significantly.

I had read in several places that it takes 32 glasses of alkaline water at an alkaline pH of 9.0  to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz. cola or soda.  Well since I am very inquisitive,  I wanted to see if it was true.  I scaled back this experiment to 3 ounces of cola and added water at a pH of 9.0, 8 ounces at a time.   I tested the pH after each 8 ounce glass.  I used ordinary tap water, but I added small amounts of simple baking soda to bring the pH to 9.0.  I am not sure how scientific I was but my conclusions are as follows:

At 8 ounces—3.5 pH

16 ounces—4.0 pH

24 Ounces—5.0 pH

32 ounces of water ( 4- 8 ounces glasses) the pH reached 6.0

40 ounces—6.0 to 6.5 pH

48 ounces— 6.5 pH

56 ounces—7.0 pH

64 ounces of water (8-8 ounce glasses) the pH reached 7.0 to 7.5 range.  I think I will have to test on a larger sclae and record my results.

Remember, when you drink a cola or soda, the body will use up reserves of its own stored alkaline buffers, (Your alkaline reserve, I call it your body’s checking account) mainly calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium and DNA to raise the body’s alkalinity levels, especially to maintain proper blood pH levels. Acidic blood levels cause death! If the acid state continues—Your body will have to dig deeper, as your reserves are used up and no deposits are made.  I call this the body’s credit card system.  Your body will take minerals from your bones and tissues to neutralize acid.  But, like all credit cards, the payment comes due.  When this card is called in, the very integrity of bones and tissues are the payment…soft bones and osteoporosis, among other dangers.. your body’s mineral supply is used up.

Sodas, water and many other liquids, pass very quickly through the stomach into the small intestine where they are assimilated through the openings in the villi in the walls of the intestines.  Liquids do not remain in the digestive tract, they go into the bloodstream and are filtered through the liver and the kidneys.  What is not needed by the body is sent to the bladder to be urinated out. Along the way, these liquids come in contact with virtually every cell in your body. If the liquid is acidic and unhealthy, it will negatively affect the body.


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