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Tami Cole, certified Biblical Health Coach,   certified Health Specialist (C.H.S.)

& certified AIM Living Well Coach  and Certified Nutritional Counselor (C.N.C,) and Certified Nutritional Therapist with the Trinity School of Natural Health.  I am also a NH licensed Skin Therapist.

Here’s part of my personal and ongoing success story:

I am happily married to a wonderful man named Michael.  He is the love of my life and my very best friend.  We have 2 sons, Ricky and Benjamin.  They are both engaged to girls that we love.  Colleen for Ricky and Molly for Benjamin.  They are a blessing to us and we cherish the time we can spend with them.

It is a little tough for me as a nurturer to see my boys grow up and move away to start lives on their own.  However, I believe they will stay close and God will provide joyful tasks to keep me busy!  AND grandchildren will surely follow soon!


Here is part of who I am…My Mom died of cancer when I was only 24 and I promised her that I would look after my Dad.  In April of 2007, my Dad had a stroke. His life was touch and go for a bit and never the same from then on.  He went to rehab and recovered somewhat, but was not able to use his right leg.  He had to use a wheelchair to get around.  He moved in with me and my family and we were so blessed to have him.  Life was difficult, but my Dad always wore a smile, no matter how much he was hurting, he never showed it.

In May of 2008, my Dad again went into the hospital.  He had breathing problems and his lungs & kidneys were failing. On June 6, my Dad passed on to Heaven.

From April 2007 to March of 2009, I gained over 40 pounds.  I tried not to show that I was stressed so I wouldn’t upset my Dad.  There was very little that I felt like I was in control of, so I turned to food.  I tried to give all my cares to God, but I was not fully allowing Him to help me.

My life went way out of control after my Dad died.  I was taking sleeping pills, an anti-depressant, migraine medication and was about to go on medication for high cholesterol.  My blood pressure was climbing and I had symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea.  I prayed that God would help me find a way to gain control of my health and my life.  I did not want to be on medication, if I could find another way.

A friend of mine introduced me to healthier eating. Another friend told me about AIM Herbal FiberBlend because my digestive & elimination systems were so off.   I had a bowel movement once a week if I was lucky.  I began to research more about AIM products, their whole food supplementation because it is so hard to eat enough veggies…And with the soil so depleted…it is almost impossible!  I believe it was God’s way of getting me back to living.  It is with God’s Grace and AIM products that I am where I am today.

My life HAS CHANGED.  I would love the opportunity to help you also.  A healthier lifestyle helped me lose weight & body fat, lowered my cholesterol & triglycerides and kept my good cholesterol at a good number.  Sleep apnea and acid reflux no longer bother me and I am off all medication!

I feel like me again…..  ONLY HEALTHIER!

Life continues to have its’ ups & downs.  Our youngest, Benjamin & his fiancee Molly were in a terrible motorcycle accident in Canada last July and that sent us to our knees.  By the Grace of God, He spared them and they are making steps toward recovery daily.  In December, my mother in law,  Jeanne, who had been battling cancer, went home to Heaven.  She was more Mom than in law, she was a very close confidant…such a guiding force in my life and the lives of our family. The following January, my father in law, John fell on the ice and had a traumatic brain injury and spent 7 weeks in the hospital.  We almost lost him.  He has made a remarkable recovery but he still has struggles.  Our world has been rocked but I continue to look to God for guidance. Life is not the same.  It is a new normal.

Even through it all, I believe my life is truly blessed and I look forward to each day with joy as I see what wonderful things God has planned for me!  It wasn’t always this way, but I choose joy.  There are always going to be trials and heartaches, and I can choose to allow them to make me better or bitter…I choose to allow them to make me a better person.

Contact me today and I’ll tell you more success stories including my husband, my children, my family and friends….  the list goes on and on and continues to grow…..  I’d love to add your success story!