AFB04. pH

This is class number 4 in the AIM For Balance 12 week Program, but can be taken seperately.  This class will cover pH, what it is and how important a balanced pH is to the body. The following are some thngs we will cover.

Is your body too acid? 

You’re probably are aware that the body only functions well in a very narrow range of body temperature.  A body temperature of 98.6 degrees is normal. If it goes lower, you don’t feel so good, if it goes even a couple of tenths of a degree higher, you don’t feel well.  Three or four degrees higher might bring about convulsions and death.

Well, the body also has another small range in which it can operate and that is it’s pH.  The optimum pH for the body fluids is  7.0.

How does the body get acid?

The body has natural mechanisms to eliminate acids.  It can handle the natural acids created by the body which are created in energy production and the process of rebuilding cells.   However, the extra acidity created by a poor diet, stress & anxiety, sleep disorders and the toxic environment all have the body systems overwhelmed with a backlog of acids.  This pH (acidity/alkaline) is important to the health of living organisms. How does our body keep up?

The body has three main systems for dealing with this that act in harmony to maintain the required balance.

Class fees are $15.00 per person per class in a group setting or $20.00 per person per class as a private class and requires a reservation.  Class price could change without notice.

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