Fibromyalgia? Arthritis? MS? or Lyme Disease?

Last spring (2011), Daniel was a camp counselor at a children’s camp. When he returned, he found insect bites that had infected and went to the hospital for antibiotics. Months later, he developed headaches that included a constant pressure in his head. His joints began to ache. He often felt sick in his stomach, and stabbing pains all over his body began.  His doctor couldn”t diagnose the problem. Daniel, eager to discover what was going on in his body, checked the internet and found a page helping to detect lyme disease. At first, he only had a few symptoms. But as time worn on, he found he had 39 of 72 symptoms. The page stated that, if you had 20 of those symptoms, to contact a doctor. Daniel’s doctor eventually put him on amoxycillin. He was already taking AIM BarleyLife.

Daniel joined a support group for those suffering with Lyme disease. He learned a lot:

– Many people had lyme disease for years before being treated

-Many people were being treated for fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, and other ailments by mistake.

– Most Canadian tests for Lyme disease will predictably show negative results.

– The sooner Lyme disease is treated, the better the chance to resume a normal life.

-Few doctors have experience with Lyme disease, therefore it is hard to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

I called the AIM company’s head office. Unbelievably, the lady who answered the phone had suffered from Lyme disease! She stated she spent over $1,000.00 trying to get a diagnosis. Eventually she found a doctor who endured Lyme disease himself, and was able to help her. Along with doxycytline, which I understand does damage to your internal organs, she takes the following AIM products: BarleyLife, Proancynol 2000, AIMega, and Florafood.

Daniel sent away to the US for another Lyme disease test, which is very costly, but, for peace of mind, he felt it was worth it. At this time, he is awaiting the results. He also saw an “internist”, who, although he doesn’t think Lyme disease is the problem, admitted he isn’t arrogant enough to totally rule it out. Daniel was told that taking amoxycillin before a test could affect proper test results, so he stopped taking it before he took the US test. He DID, however; start taking the other AIM products as the lady I spoke to. He actually began to feel better than he had in a long time. We noticed the difference in him also.

Another Lyme disease patient told Daniel that he might have been better off visiting a veterinarian, who could more easily test and diagnose whether he had Lyme disease. Unfortunately, he had already paid for and executed the US test.

Whether Daniel has Lyme disease or not, we have come to discover how horrible this sickness is, how often people have it unknowingly, how hard it is to diagnose, and what can be done to help. We encourage people with similar symptoms to educate themselves on this subject, take the AIM products, and to do it as soon as possible.