Jo-Ann Stoetzel

*Ouch, ok FINE i’ll say it, just stop beating me, Mommy!
* *Reads script* “Ahem. Hello, my name is Jo-Ann, and I have been a Barley Life victi….uh, I mean umm, “fan” for about two weeks now.
*Everyone: “HI JO-ANN!”*
Uhh, yes well, moving on, since I have been taking this wonderful product, I have noticed that my skin has begun to darken into a deep beautiful tan *Whispers: I can’t read this! Ouch ow! Fine!”*, I have developed an amazing singing voice, and have also gained super-human strength. *Mouths words: Help Me* I have also noticed that bullets bounce off me…? Please excuse me for a moment..
.*Ooh look Mom, there’s a Timmies over there! Here’s some money…* “Ahem, now that that’s taken care of, I really can’t leap over buildings, but I HAVE noticed that I’ve lost about 5lbs. due to healthy reasons, since taking Barley Life! And I also have more energy & don’t feel quite so much like I’m going to pass out at work, which is a bonus!” 🙂 So thank you Mommy for nag-oops, I mean convincing me to take this stuff. 🙂 *snicker snicker*

Mother’s note: I do NOT drink Timmies! (Well, yes, I am Canadian, but…)