Maria Gallant (ASTHMA)

At the time I was introduced to AIM BarleyLife, I had been battling with asthma and sinusitis. My sinuses would fill up and drip down to the lungs. They would get filled up. I used to land in the hospital and get mega amounts of steroids. I have been on steroids off and on for 42 years. It was the grace of God that protected me from all the side effects. But then when I began the BarleyLife, I noticed that my lungs weren’t filling up. I used to sound very nasally, and that was getting better. When I went for a doctor visit, he would only take my blood pressure and listen to my lungs. He told me whatever I was doing, “Keep doing it”. I wasn’t able to walk any distance at all. Now I walk up and down stairs at work, rather than take the elevator. This is a miracle because I was once one of the worst cases of asthma. I am off 99% of my medications. I am also on Frame Essentials and CalciAim. I feel these products have given me my life back. Thank you AIM! – Maria Gallant, Winnipeg