Marie Courcelles (DIABETES)

I have been taking Aim’s Barley Life for one year. I take one tsp mixed with water every morning on an empty stomach. I am a Type 2 diabetic and I want to share with you the benefits I derive from Barley Life. I haven’t been sick one day since I started taking Barley greens. I used to have to miss work when I would catch a cold and ever since I’ve been taking my greens, I haven’t had to miss one day of work. I find that it boosts my immune system and gives me energy to face my day. It also helps regulate my blood sugar levels. I am 59 years old and work full time. I will continue to take my Barley greens as I find it is well worth it. It also helps with regular bowel movements. I fully recommend Barley Life to anyone wishes to be more energetic as well as to anyone wanting to give a boost to the immune system. I love the way Barley Life make me feel.

I have also been taking Aim GlucoChrom pills for the last few months. I felt an energy boost almost immediately. I have more energy and wake up ready to face whatever awaits me. I recommend Aim GlucoChrom to all diabetics. You will be in for a huge surprise at what these pills can do for you.
Marie Courcelles
Box 44
Richer (MB)
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