Daniel Matthews

Member Spotlight

Daniel Matthews

AIM Group Builder Daniel Matthews has been a paramedic for nine years. During that time, he has witnessed many patients struggling with their health. And then there’s his energetic, 90-year-old grandfather.

“Wilbur Matthews has always lived a very healthy lifestyle,” Daniel stated. “Every time I’d go to my grandfather’s house, he’d show me something about health and nutrition that I could be doing. He’s been taking AIM products for more than 30 years.”

Daniel, who lives with his wife and four children in Fredericton, New Brunswick, decided to get the message out to people of all ages. His methodology included building his re-think-health website, blogging, writing articles and creating a podcast and a YouTube channel.

“I had looked into AIM products really hard, wanting to make sure they were as natural as possible,” Daniel said. “AIM really cares about getting quality nutrition into people. Our kids really love them, and they give me a noticeable boost in energy and nutrition that I can’t go without.”

"Taking the AIM products is a family priority because they help us so much."