Hi. My name is Lisa Munro. I live in Richer, Manitoba and I am 48 years old. In 1983 I had a bad accident that put me in the hospital for 3 months in traction with a metal rod through my leg as I had broken my femur bone. There was also damage done to my neck. After the 3 months I went home with a full length cast from my foot to my hip as well as my leg was now slightly shorter than the other one which has created problems for my hip. I spent the next year strengthening the leg and learning how to walk again. Was I ever happy to get rid of that “Walker”! Through the years the arthritis in my leg, hip and neck have gotten much worse and just recently I have become diabetic. The medications the doctors prescribe are short term Band-Aids and I needed to find a way to heal my body naturally.

The “Aim” company has products that really help me. I have been taking the Barley Greens and I find it gives me more energy. The AIMEGA helps to lubricate my joints and helps me feel more alert. The FRAME ESSENTIALS helps with the pain I feel from inflamation. I also have been using GLUCOCHROME to help with controlling my blood glucose levels. When I have had trouble sleeping I have used COMPOSURE. These products, along with a healthy diet (lots of raw vegetables and very little processed foods) have greatly improved my health and as I keep using them, I am confident that I will continue to get stronger every day.

August 9, 2010…

Update to my testimony! Went to see the doctor today to get the results of my 1st “A1C” test and my triglycerides are almost back to normal and my good cholesterol is coming up as well as my blood glucose levels are coming down. The doctor is very impressed with me and told me to keep doing what I am doing because it is working! I do not have to go on any medication.