Excess Protein

Excess Protein


Excess protein is the primary culprit in the health woes of Americans today.  Too much protein puts radical physiological stress on the body hindering the natural healing process. This sets us up for developing chronic diseases like those so common in the world today.  The reason for this is that excess protein makes our body acidic and the body is designed to be alkaline. Learning about the pH of your body could change your life and health. It could even save your life.  Start researching this topic. I recommend the book by Dr. M. Ted Morter Jr. called Your Health Your Choice.  Be aware that this book was poorly edited but the content is fantastic.

One of the fastest ways to make your body alkaline is to drink pure juiced greens.  To make this simple I use AIM BarleyLife or AIM Leaf Greens. Your body will alkalize in minutes after drinking these highly concentrated green juice products.  Click on Products above to learn more or to purchase some for yourself.

Be aware of your protein intake. Don’t be fooled by the high protein diets that are so common today. You might be losing weight but some of that weight could be your bones. When your body has run out of buffering reserves it will pull calcium out of your bones to neutralize all the acid produced from excess protein!

I will be posting several smaller tid-bits on health as I study to be certified as a health specialist through Trinity College of Natural Health. Let me know if you have any questions.




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