The Dangers of Antibiotics

The Dangers of Antibiotics


Antibiotics have been a life saver since their invention in the 1940’s.  As time has gone by, however, the overuse of antibiotics have caused many problems.  One important and harmful effect of taking antibiotics is that they kill the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria. This leads to uninvited intestinal guests invading the body such as Candida Albicans.  I believe that in today’s society many people suffer from intestinal problems simply because they have taken antibiotics in the past.  The overgrowth of Candida yeast can suck the life right out of you.  It is important to maintain a good digestive flora. I recommend AIM Flora Food for this.  If you might have an overgrowth of yeast you will want to get on a good cleansing product like AIM Herbal Fiberblend. This product is gentle yet powerful. It will remove the old fecal lining that could have built up over the years.  This build up is a wonderful home for yeast since it protects it from medication and yeast devouring probiotics.  Clean out this plaque and you will also remove quite a bit of yeast right along with it.  AIM Prepzymes are digestive enzymes that will also help to clean the system while improving digestion.

I hope to discuss the other harmful effects of using too many antibiotics in an upcoming post.

If you have taken antibiotics over the years and you think you might be suffering from a yeast overgrowth please feel free to contact me.  I can discuss the products and diet that might be helpful.

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