Self Test for Food Allergies

Self Test for Food Allergies


I just learned a very interesting self test that you can do in your own home to help you determine if you are allergic to any specific food.  Its as simple as recording your pulse rate after consuming the food you might be allergic to.  I found this during the  course I am taking, Nutrition & Health using the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

If you suspect a food allergy try these simple steps.  Sit and relax for a few minutes. Once you are relaxed take your pulse at the wrist. Count the number of beats in a 60 second period using a watch with a second hand. A normal pulse reading will be between 52-70 beats per minute. After taking your pulse consume the purest form of the food that you want to test. Wait 20 minutes and take your pulse again.  If your pulse rate increases more than 10 beats per minute, don’t eat that food for one month.  Test again after one month.  You might decide to stop eating that food or consult with your health care provider for further testing.

I will post some of the other self tests that you can do so check back often.

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