Breast Feeding Toxins

Breast Feeding Toxins


If you plan to breast feed your baby try to eat the best clean, whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies and supplements that will help your body  naturally and slowly get rid of toxins that may have built up in your fatty tissues.

In the book Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis he highlights this “chilling example: Environmental and dietary toxins bioaccumulate in a mother’s fatty tissue throughout her life. When she starts nursing, her toxin-loaded fatty tissues produce cancer-causing breast milk. In his 1987 book Diet for a New America, John Robbins notes that the milk of most American mothers is so contaminated with chemicals (PCBs, dioxins and various pesticides) that ‘it would be subject to confiscation and destruction by the FDA were it to be sold across state lines.”

This information caused me to put the book down for the rest of the day.  How frightening!  We are living in such a toxic world that we just seem to be doomed.  I think we can help our body overcome these horrible toxins by feeding our body live whole foods and juice concentrates.  Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Do your very best to make them organic, residue-free choices.  Don’t continue to put toxins into your body. Avoid foods in plastics such as styrofoam and wrapped in cellophane. It almost seems impossible to buy meat without it being wrapped in this toxic plastic.  Do your best and give your body the best choices possible.

I believe that a good fiber regimen along with juiced vegetables and supplementing for target nutrition will help the body detoxify and rebuild healthier new cells. Over time your healthy new cells will overpower the weak older cells…. You can rebuild your body.


I HIGHLY recommend that everyone get this book and read it carefully!  Be AWARE of your choices.

NEVER BE SICK AGAIN, One Disease, Two Causes, Six Pathways, Health Is a Choice Learn How to Choose It, by Raymond Francis M.Sc with Kester Cotton

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