Chromium Helps Weight Loss

Chromium Helps Weight Loss


Chromium is necessary for the body to produce glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which is necessary for insulin production and proper function in the body.  If you are even slightly deficient your blood sugar can rise which means you require more insulin to metabolize that blood sugar.  Blood sugar is the amount of sugar(glucose) we have in our blood.  Chromium is a naturally occurring macronutrient in food such as whole grains, nuts, broccoli, and green beans.

With reduced amounts of insulin in the blood (within normal limits), fat cells are less inclined to store fat, and weight loss may become easier. By contrast, those who are overweight may have insulin resistance, or the inability of the cells to accept and efficiently use glucose. Fat cells respond to increased levels of insulin in the bloodstream by storing even more fat. Quite simply, high insulin levels build fat, while low insulin levels break down stored fats and sugar. …. Chromium also aids in the synthesis of fats, cholesteroland proteins in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more in the AIM Glucochrome Datasheet.

Because of our compromised food sources, poor soils and just plain bad eating habits it might become necessary to supplement with a plant derived chromium.

Are sugar cravings a problem?  This happens when we indulge in too much sugar then crash. Our body will attempt to correct this dramatic imbalance by making you crave the sugar to bring the levels back up. This begins a vicious cycle of craving sugar and crashing.  In order to balance this craving cycle supplementing with plant derived chromium might be the answer. Reducing sugar cravings, reduces our sugar intake which helps maintain a balanced insulin level. Do you see how this will help with weight loss?

LeafBrand chromium – A new type of chromium supplement

american image marketingGlucoChrom is the first AIM product to use a unique and revolutionary method for delivering chromium to the body. This product uses barley grass as a natural delivery system that integrates chromium into the matrix of the plant through a proprietary process. This plant-bound chromium is recognized by the body and is extremely well-absorbed. We are in essence, using the logic of nature and our bodies to achieve this.

In the case of american image marketingGlucoChrom barley grass is grown hydroponically (where nutrition is supplied through liquid rather than soil). At the right time in the growth phase, we use a special process to alter the growing environment and increase the level of chromium. We are thus able to grow barley leaves that contain the amounts of chromium we specify. There is no hybridization or genetic alteration. The chromium we supply from this process is called LeafBrand chromium.

We cannot overestimate the importance of this type of delivery system. Traditionally, many mineral supplements have been made from inorganic minerals?those that have been mined from the earth or developed in a laboratory. Only a small portion of inorganic minerals is assimilated by the human body.

In chelated minerals, the mineral is bound to an organic substance, which adds to assimilation, but how well the substance will be assimilated depends on the chelation process. Most mineral chelates are compounds not normally found in nature and may even be viewed as foreign substances by the body.

In creating our LeafBrand chromium, we use a plant?the ideal mineral factory. Plants take up both inorganic and chelated minerals and convert them to small, water-soluble molecules. Plant-bound minerals have been found to be more soluble in simulated gastric and intestinal fluid and therefore are potentially more bioavailable than other supplements.

american image marketingGlucoChrom, through LeafBrand chromium, provides standardized and easily and efficiently absorbed plant-bound chromium to the body.   Click here for details and purchase options.



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