Back to School Nutrition with AIM

Back to School Nutrition with AIM


Nutrition is as vital to a student’s success as a pencil and paper. Eating right and living well give kids an edge in the classroom, in athletics, and in their social lives. And AIM nutrition can be a vital part.

As kids across the country head back to school this month, nutrition should be a constant companion. Director Barbara Bird from Brights Grove, Ontario, Canada, has seen the impact that eating right and taking AIM products has had on her family.

“My son Steven, who is a senior in high school, takes four capsules of AIM BarleyLife® every morning. At one point, I was running out of capsules and had reduced it to two a day so that he would at least get a little until my order came in. Steven asked me why he was only getting two, so I explained it to him. And he says, ‘I can actually feel the difference. When I take four, I have more energy.’ With the extra energy, he is, of course, better able to do his school work as well as fit in his social life. Wow, that made me feel good.

“Steven also went to Nicaragua on a mission trip and used the BarleyLife and AIM Peak Endurance® to help him instead of taking the vaccine against diarrhea. In addition to this, whenever he gets a headache he takes a scoop of Peak Endurance in a little two-ounce glass. He says it works like a charm.

“My daughter Caitlin also takes BarleyLife capsules when she struggles with indigestion and feeling bloated.”

Barbara and her family are not the only ones who notice the impact that nutrition can make on the life of a student. Schools and government agencies are catching on to the important of nutrition in education, too. School lunch programs have come under the microscope in recent years as a push for healthier food options and more well-rounded meals has increased.

A study by the Institute of Medicine, commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture and featuring 14 experts from around the country, found that school lunches need to cut the sodium, add all-natural foods, and cap calories. The recommendations from the panel would amount to the first changes in nutrition guidelines for school lunches in nearly 15 years.

And in the end, this health push has essentially amounted to a return to the nutritional foundation that AIM has been providing for the past 28 years.

To get kids adequately prepared for the day and able to do their best in the classroom and school environment, experts say that kids need filling meals high in protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole foods. Sound familiar? AIM products cover each of those areas, and much more.

AIM BarleyLife Xtra contains six servings of fruit and vegetables.
  • AIM ProPeas® provides 12 grams of protein and is low-sugar, low-carbohydrate, and low-fat.
  • AIM fit ‘n fiber™ contains 12 grams of total fiber and provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness.
  • AIM Garden Trio® features whole-food concentrates of barley, beets, and carrots.
  • AIM LeafGreens® contains the nutrients of four green leaves plus broccoli sprouts.

AIM covers the basics of new school nutrition guidelines, plus much more. AIM Peak Endurance® energizes physical and mental performance with its ATP energy concentrate loaded with B vitamins and electrolytes. AIM Herbal Fiberblend® helps eliminate toxins from the body, especially important for kids whose diets are not as healthy as they should be.

A combination of AIM products plus a healthy diet and active lifestyle do a great job of meeting the needs of students. As Director Debra Pugh from Abernathy, Texas, has found, sometimes the AIM products can even go above and beyond.

“My son Ty had his first asthma attack when he was only two years old. He was in the hospital for several days. We went home with lots of medication and a nebulizer for treatments. Over the years, we experimented with several different kinds of medications, but some would make him hyper and others would make him lethargic. By the time he was in the third grade, he was having an asthma attack every three weeks, and each attack would last for three days. He was also having problems with eczema.

“I knew something had to change. After lots of reading, I realized that the AIM products could help. I learned that a deficiency of essential fatty acids can cause asthma and eczema. Ty started taking one AIMega with his BarleyLife.

“I also learned that candida can cause asthma and eczema. To increase the “good bacteria” in his colon and to help get control of the candida, he started taking one FloraFood with his BarleyLife. I also learned that by increasing a person’s antioxidants, their body has the tools to help with asthma and eczema. Ty takes one Proancynol 2000 with his BarleyLife.

“I am happy to report that after giving Ty BarleyLife, FloraFood, Proancynol, and AIMega, the eczema and asthma have disappeared. He normally will take these five days a week, and if he goes longer than five days without AIM’s products, then the asthma and eczema symptoms return. I am happy to say that he is on no medication.

“Ty loves to play basketball, and the AIM products allow him to play an entire game without using his inhaler. He loves to play golf, hunt, and fish. The AIM products allow him to be able to enjoy the outdoors without medication.

“After several months and seeing Ty’s symptoms reverse, I started giving the same products to my daughter Natalie. Natalie is very healthy and we want to keep her this way. If the AIM products could reverse the symptoms of asthma and eczema – and my symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, and others – then imagine what they could possibly do to help prevent health problems in Natalie’s body!

“Natalie has a very busy schedule. This year, in the eighth grade, she competed in cross country, basketball, and track and participating in cheerleadering and a one-act play. Not to mention, she makes straight A’s on her report card. She now asks for the AIM products each day since she has observed that she is not as fast in sports or does not have the energy to do everything she is involved in each day without the AIM products.”

Energy, performance, and health – the AIM products are ideal for back to school nutrition. Not only that, AIM can help keep kids in school as well. Every year, getting sick causes a majority of kids to miss classroom time, but products like AIM Proancynol 2000 – an antioxidant immune booster – help kids stay healthy, never missing a beat.

Director Cass Capel from Auburn, California, was thankful for AIM when last year’s swine flu spread hit her daughter’s school.

“I was so thankful that my daughter Ariana only missed one day of school last year despite many of her classmates getting swine flu. Many students at my daughter’s private school forego immunizations. Ariana was protected by AIM products. She takes five capsules of BarleyLife and two AIM Bear Paw Garlic® capsules every morning and night. Every once in a while, she’ll even chug a Garden Trio. She takes the garlic because her doctor said she was low on zinc. I’d rather give her the food source than the mineral by itself.”

Royal Emerald Director Dixie Shaw from Gilmer, Texas, preaches the same prevention message. Her family depends on AIM products like BarleyLife and Proancynol to stay healthy and to stay in school.

“We all use BarleyLife, and we think it keeps us well and our pH balance normal. Anytime we start to feel like we are coming down with something, we take lots of AIM Proancynol 2000. My philosophy is ‘prevent’ so you don’t have to cure a problem. The old saying is true: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’”

When your kids go back to school this month, make sure that AIM is tagging along with them. Nutrition and health matter most, and AIM can make the difference.

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