Herbal Fiberblend – Blue Violet Leaves

Herbal Fiberblend – Blue Violet Leaves



Herbal Fiberblend is probably the most important product in the AIM line.  Cleaning your digestive system can help your body in so many ways. It will help evacuate food out of your body in a properly and within a proper timing.  The ingredients work synergistically to detoxify the body.   A clean system will mean that you can absorb  the nutrients from your diet  more efficiently.  Another great feature of Herbal Fiberblend is the ability to rid the body of unwanted parasites.  It is my opinion that many, if not most, people have some sort of parasite.

violet leaves
Violet Leaves

One of the herbs in Herbal Fiberblend, Blue Violet leaves, helps to remove parasites from the body. The science is quite fascinating.  Blue violet leaves contain a high concentration of cyclotides. This peptide made up of several bound amino acids, are found in certain plants.  These cyclotides destroy the outer membrane of certain parasites, weakening its defense and causing leakage of its cellular contents.  The parasite is then flushed out of the body by the other ingredients in the Herbal Fiberblend.

In future posts I will feature more information about the other beneficial ingredients in Herbal Fiberblend.  Try Herbal Fiberblend for just two weeks and I guarantee you will begin to see results.  If not you will be refunded the price of the product.  I have used Herbal Fiberblend for over ten years. I hope you will give it a try.

Click to Order Herbal Fiberblend
Click to Order Herbal Fiberblend
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