Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Reduce Stress During the Holidays


Herbal Stress Relief in a Capsule
Herbal Stress Relief
Magnesium oil, foot and bath soak
Topical Magnesium

Here are some simple solutions for keeping your body relaxed during times of stress.

AIM Composure is an herbal formula that really works to calm your entire body. This also helps calm a nervous stomach and helps with tension headaches!  Try it for your teens who might be stressing before exams. Click to read the datasheet.

AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is a topical foot or full body bath soak that helps your body absorb magnesium through the skin.  It is so simple to use and so relaxing. You will sleep better when you soak in Cell Wellness Restorer .  I even add this to my kids bath to help them wind down after a busy day at school. Click to read the datasheet.

For a bad tension headache try rubbing Cell Wellness Restorer on the back of your neck and shoulders and take two Composure.  It could be what you need to relax the tense muscles causing your pain.

Enjoy the holiday season and stay stress free!


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