Blood sugar, insulin, and diabetes

Blood sugar, insulin, and diabetes


 Impaired insulin production or utilization can lead to Type II diabetes mellitus and its related health complications. When we eat, the body breaks down the carbohydrates in foods to produce glucose, the sugar that fuels our cells and provides them with vital energy for healthy functioning. It is extremely important for the blood glucose level to remain stable. If it is elevated, the pancreatic hormone insulin is secreted to encourage uptake of glucose by the cells. Ideally, the pancreas secretes just the right amount of insulin to efficiently metabolize glucose.


If insulin levels are consistently high, insulin resistance may develop. In this case, the pancreas pumps out insulin, but the cells are unable to properly respond, leaving the glucose to remain in the bloodstream. And the vicious cycle continues.

Insulin resistance frequently leads to weight gain because high insulin levels force the body to store fat rather than burn it as energy. Elevated levels of glucose and fats may also result in abnormally high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Over time, this can damage the vital organs, leading to heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure.

GlucoChrome for blood sugar regulation
Blood Sugar Regulation

Two major studies endorsed by the Canadian Diabetes Association showed that 58 percent of patients studied were able to prevent the development of diabetes from prediabetes simply by making positive lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and modest exercise go a long way toward keeping blood glucose levels steady.

For those who are overweight or obese, a chronic blood sugar imbalance makes weight loss very difficult. Normal insulin levels aid in the breakdown of stored fats and sugar, making weight loss possible. One element that plays such a vital role in the insulin-glucose process is chromium. Scientists consider chromium to be insulin’s cofactor. Chromium assists insulin by helping it to gain access to the cell membrane, allowing glucose to enter the cells where the body can use it.

As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, AIM GlucoChrom is a beneficial supplement to those at risk of high blood sugar or Type II (non-insulin dependent) diabetes. The ingredients in GlucoChrom may promote fat loss or the maintenance of lean body mass and may also assist in lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Excerpt from the AIM datasheet on GlucoChrome. Click here to read more. Datasheet-Glucochrome

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