AIM Products for Your Pet’s Health

AIM Products for Your Pet’s Health


aim for pets Pets are a very important part of our families so keeping them as healthy as possible is probably a goal for most pet owners.  AIM has natural answers for dogs and cats to help offer relief and prevention from common pet health issues. Give your fur-family a natural nutrient boost and you might just avoid some costly trips to the veterinarian.

Four AIM Products work great for dogs and cats:

AIM Barleylife is packed with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and enzymes making it an ideal supplement for both cats and dogs. Its easy to simply add the powder to their food.  Along with a general boost in overall good health both dogs and cats may see benefits with immune support, anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidant ability.  My cat that lived 17 years loved lapping up Barleylife mixed with a little bit of water.  My Aussie mix loves it mixed into his food.

AIMega is an organic seed blend rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. This may help both dogs and cats with improved skin and coat and it could help with constipation. Cats may see fewer hairballs.  This product is also a natural anti-inflammatory and could help with their cardiovascular system.  Simply cut the gel cap and squeeze the oil onto food.  Again my dog loves this added to his food.

AIM Frame Essentials was approved by my veterinarian for our yellow lab who was having joint issues from Lyme disease.  I was happy because the product she was recommending  was more expensive and did not have the same great ingredients. Dogs are well known for having hip or other joint problems but cats can can also suffer joint problems or pain.  AIM Frame Essentials combines a glucosamine complex (including both sulfate and hydrochloride) with methylsulfonyl-methane (MSM) and boswellia extract. These ingredients are known to help reduce inflammation and promote healthy joints.  Sprinkle  it on their food.

AIM Flora Food probiotic contains three friendly bacteria to help dogs and cats maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. Open the capsule and sprinkle on food.

AIM products can make it easy to help our pets feel better, look better and potentially live a healthier life. See the chart for serving size.

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A. Chiang, a customer of Director S. Wang from British Columbia, Canada, has a pet named Fa-ji who is living proof of BarleyLife’s benefits for creatures big and small. “I own a four-year-old Chinese bulldog named Fa-ji, which means ‘prosperous.’ Because he has protruding eyes and a concave nose, he experiences a lot of tears and discharge, a runny nose, foul breath, and smelly ears, and he often has a rash on his face. I have spent quite a bit of money taking him to a veterinarian. “Then, Shirley introduced me to BarleyLife and told me that it could help detoxify the body. So I added one teaspoon of BarleyLife to Fa-ji’s food. In two weeks, his symptoms have improved a lot. He has less tears and discharge, no runny nose, his rash is gone, and even his ears are not smelly. Fa-ji has become very clean and healthy.”

D. Jansen from  Idaho, saw Frame Essentials work wonders on her dog Molly. “I gave some Frame Essentials to Molly since she was so stiff she could hardly walk. I gave her the caps in her mouth – I had to push them to the side of her mouth so she would swallow them – and I saw a loosening of her movements in the next couple of days. She was even able to jump on the couch again, which she was not allowed to do but did it abarleylife pets (2)nyway when I was not looking. She was running like a pup again.”

Dogs like Mac, a 75-pound lab mix owned by S. Combs from Florida, can benefit from AIMega use. “Every April when the pollen count in Florida would increase, Mac would have severe skin allergy reactions that caused open sores and hair loss. After taking four AIMega a day – he takes the capsules hidden in dog treats and dinner leftovers – his skin healed up immediately. His fur grew back shiny and thick.”

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

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