Reduced Stress Reaction and Better Focus

Reduced Stress Reaction and Better Focus


Years ago while studying herbology, I learned about “tonic” or  “adaptogenic” herbs. These herbs create a balancing effect in your mind and body. It’s really remarkable.  Stress has caused so many unnecessary problems in my life.  Call it over-thinking or perfectionism but It really does not matter the exact terms used we all deal with some form of stress and we all react one way or another.  AIM has now included the adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha,  in their new formula of GinkoSense … and I am so glad.

 Ashwagandha is a potent adaptogen, which means this herb may help body systems to better adapt to stress, mood changes and lack of concentration, having an overall balancing effect on the body. Learn more in the pdf datasheet. Click here.

Sometimes when I am facing a stressful situation I get a little too nervous or anxious and my mind begins to spin and think up every ridiculous thought or concern — that never actually happens of course.  I take two capsules of AIM GinkoSense and this overreaction to the stressor just fades away.  I actually find that I am much more focused and able to stay on task.  I absolutely love this new formula.  Do you get a  little nervous or stressed about common things like big meetings, taking exams, new ventures,  job interviews or the first day of a new job, dentist appointments, driving in traffic… etc etc etc?   GinkoSense might just help you as it has been helping me.

In addition to the adaptogenic and balancing effects,  AIM GinkoSense has many more benefits such as healthy blood flow and improved mental acuity, and vision support.

If you enjoy reading and learning more about health and nutrition you might want to read the book Herbal Tonic Therapies by Daniel Mowrey.  It will give you more insight into adaptogenic herbs.  I really enjoyed this book.

You can order this product online at  Once on the site click VIEW PRODUCTS… then click CONTINUE.  You can take advantage of a great discount by selecting GUEST during check out.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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