About Me

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.” ~Marcus Valerius Martial.


Amy Houston AIM products distributor in New Hampshire

A Little Background About Me

It was 1998 when I discovered AIM products while searching for solutions to some of my health issues. I was living in Big Bear Lake, CA at the time but now live in Southern New Hampshire where I work as a real estate agent.

My Education

After earning my Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University ( San Luis Obispo) my eyes were opened to what really goes into the sources of our food. The list is quite long but it starts with polluted waters and soils to pesticides and herbicides on crops to antibiotics and hormones given to livestock. This is just a snip-it of the wrongs that have destroyed our food sources over the years. I continued to study health, nutrition, and herbology earning two certificates:  “Health Specialist” and “Nutrition Therapy”.  I am always researching and trying new things but AIM products have been my go-to supplements of choice.

Do You Live in a Fixer-Upper?

As a New Hampshire real estate agent, much detail and work go into helping people buy and sell the place where they will live, but I also have a great passion for helping people improve the quality of how they live. You can buy and sell a new home but you only get one body to live in.  Is yours a fixer-upper?  Maybe it’s time for some renovations. How’s the plumbing running? Is the structure holding up?  How about the mood and memories? Could they use a boost too?  Small changes can build or tear down a structure just like it can build or tear down our bodies. Make healthy choices and maybe you can start the reno process one step… or one cell at a time.  I am happy to send you a copy of the “Healthy Cell Concept”.

AIM Opportunity or Customer Discounts

It was easy for me to choose the option of AIM Membership after enjoying so many benefits from these superior nutritional supplements and products.  The discount was wonderful but more than that I was compelled to share what I had experienced and learned from from using the AIM products. They truly have improved the quality of my life. 

AIM  Purchasing Plans

AIM now offers both Member and Customer options for purchasing directly from the company. For those with a passion to possibly develop a business by sharing their experience with AIM products, you should choose AIM Member. You will have the option to use a free website just like this one.  In addition to the member pricing discounts, you could also build a downline structure and earn potential commission checks. Ask me for more details.

Newer Customer Plan:

For those solely interested in using AIM’s high-quality nutritional products, the newer AIM Customer plan is a good fit. You can earn free shipping as well as points toward potential discounts on future orders. Let me know if you have any questions.

Learn More

Search the products on this site and open the datasheets to learn more about the nutritional facts.  Reach out to me by phone or email with your questions. I enjoy helping people discover the many benefits of AIM products and how they could potentially improve the quality of your life.

Enjoy the journey and AIM to get healthy!

Amy Houston


 If you happen to be Relocating to NH?  I can help with that too!