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Is It Time For a Parasite Cleanse!


Have you done your parasite cleanse this year? It’s time… that is if you have any of these symptoms. Most people have some sort of parasite.

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Looking for natural health solutions in 2012?


Are you hoping for a better weight control? Do you have nagging digestive problems? Consider raw food concentrates and herbal blends to balance your body pH and experience natural health solutions for your whole body. I think the new year is a great time to start off with a cleansing program that will improve many […]

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Fiber-on-the-go Video


Watch this short 16 minute video and learn more about the benefits of adding fiber to  your diet.   AIM Herbal Fiberblend provides the initial detoxification you need to start down the road to and maintain whole body health. Its combination of fiber and cleansing herbs also provides the perfect way to keep your digestive […]

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Why Add Fiber To Your Diet?


Are you trying to lose weight? Do you suffer from constipation, IBS or gas? Is your cholesterol higher than it should be? These are a few things that can be helped a great deal by increasing the fiber in your diet

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The Dangers of Antibiotics


One important and harmful effect of taking antibiotics is that they kill the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful bacteria.

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Toxins in your Body


The human body is not capable of metabolizing and processing large quantities of toxins, and as a result, allows toxins to accumulate. This can have both subtle and powerful effects on your well being.

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