Doctor’s Orders

From her earliest days as a child in Taiwan, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen recalls helping her mother take care of her grandparents and younger siblings. By the age of five, she was already demonstrating entrepreneurial and leadership skills by tutoring her younger sisters, and by eight, she was cooking for the entire family.

Yu-Shiaw's strong sense of responsibility and devotion to others are traits that have followed her throughout life-eventually leading her to the prestigious rank of Chairman's Club at AIM.

Bringing honor to her family

A good student, Yu-Shiaw attended a very highly ranked all-girls high school in Taipei. She brought honor and pride to her family when she eventually went on to earn a bachelor's and a master's degree in botany from the National Taiwan University.

After graduation, she joined the ranks of her alma mater as a faculty member and taught plant physiology for five years, while co-authoring a laboratory manual for her students to use.

But Yu-Shiaw's mother had always encouraged her daughter to go abroad, expand her horizons, and pursue advanced study. Yu-Shiaw dreamed of coming to the United States. Then, one day, just as she was making these plans, her mother died in a tragic traffic accident.

Determined to fulfill her responsibility and bring further honor to her family, Yu-Shiaw remained in Taiwan for two more years, putting her own dreams on hold, while she continued to take care of her family.

Early dreams fulfilled

Finally, in 1976, Yu-Shiaw was offered a scholarship to attend the Mount Sinai School of Medicine at the City University of New York. It was the opportunity of her dreams! Now married with a child of her own, Yu-Shiaw eagerly accepted the position and prepared for the move to New York, where she eventually earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry.

Her work as a biomedical research scientist was fulfilling. During these years, Dr. Chen authored no less than 19 papers that were published in scientific journals, and worked at two prestigious biotechnology companies-all the while, adjusting to American life as a working wife and mother, and maintaining close contact with her family and culture in Taiwan.

Her ‘scientific' discovery

In those early days as a research scientist, Dr. Chen began to hear more and more about a green barley product. At first, her sister in Taiwan mentioned the product, and she asked Dr. Chen to find this American product and send it to her. She located several jars of the ‘funny-looking green barley powder' and sent it off to her sister in Taiwan.

Then, one day while working in the research laboratory, Dr. Chen's boss came into the lab with a jar of green barley. He handed the jar to Dr. Chen and asked her to analyze its contents. After extracting the active ingredients of the green powder, Dr. Chen was simply amazed by the results.

"The results showed very strong antioxidant activity," said Dr. Chen. "I was very excited and eager to show my boss the results."

Coincidentally, Dr. Chen began to hear personal testimonies of others that used the product. Even her sister said to her, "You keep sending this green barley product to us, and now, you must try it for yourself!"

At that time, Dr. Chen was experiencing some difficulties with anemia. And it's no wonder-Dr. Chen was extremely busy with raising a family, working full-time, authoring research papers, and keeping close ties to her family in Taiwan-all the while adapting to life in America.

When Dr. Chen read about the high iron content of green barley, she began taking it immediately, and elected to drop her daily iron pill. Three months later, at her doctor's visit, her physician was in for quite a shock! Her hemoglobin count was significantly improved. She did not need to return to the doctor.

Looking at the great results, Dr. Chen began to ponder the contribution she was making in life. She recalls thinking: "I could spend the rest of my life conducting superb lab experiments and writing scientific papers, but what kind of contribution am I really making to mankind? Am I really helping anybody?"

Vegetarian lunches and and more!

With this realization, Dr. Chen quickly expanded her educational horizons in the area of nutrition, earning her certificate in nutrition from American Health Science University. She began to focus on diet and lifestyle changes along with the AIM products.

Nutritional counseling and coaching has become a highlight in Dr. Chen's outreach. She also teaches Chinese fragrance exercises where she has an opportunity to meet with others who are interested in new approaches toward improved health.

Almost everyone, with whom she comes into contact, receives an invitation to one of her ‘famous' vegetarian lunches. At these monthly lunch meetings that she hosts in her home, Dr. Chen begins by serving a refreshing drink of AIM BarleyLife or the AIM Garden Trio. Not only does this capture everyone's attention, but it has become the perfect way to get everyone talking about good nutrition. "The results have been phenomenal," claims Dr. Chen.

Ever the teacher, Dr. Chen has taught AIM Teleclasses and has also conducted nutrition classes for her local community school district. One of her most popular classes is a 10-week weight loss course.

But teaching and counseling is not enough for Dr. Chen. She also travels widely to do public speaking about lifestyle and nutrition. Even her sisters in Taiwan participate by arranging public speaking engagements for her when she visits her native homeland.

Wherever she goes, Dr. Chen attributes her success to others who are eager to learn more about nutrition-and about the AIM products. "AIM has provided some very important tools, from the excellent products, to the AIM Teleclasses, to the methods for building downline. I couldn't have done it without the AIM company," she notes.

Giving thanks!

Above all, Dr. Chen feels most thankful for her AIM directors and downline, for their endless support and encouragement; and, for her husband, Kenneth Hsieh, who has been there for her since the very beginning.

But she says, "Being an AIM Member for 12 years and becoming a Chairman's Club Member is a great achievement, but I'm not going to stop there. My mission is still to improve as many people's lives as I can through nutrition and education.

Dr. Chen is planning to write a book about her nutritional counseling experiences, and we all look forward to reading it. But for now, Dr. Chen continues to bring honor to her family-her AIM family-as a distinguished Member of the AIM Chairman's Club!

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