Petra moved from Germany to Vancouver Island in 1989 and wound up in the Ottawa area three years later. Petra worked many years in billboard advertising and marketing. She has a background in personal training and has been teaching fitness for over 25 years. She specializes in muscle strength, back problems and balance, and offers exercise programs to strengthen the core and the mind. You can find her classes advertised at the Almonte Fitness Center.

Her vast knowledge in nutrition has given her an excellent basis to help customers with advise and suggestions on how to eat healthier, heal the gut, improve their digestion and joint functions. As “Living Well Coach” for AIM Canada, she offers a variety of health food products off the farm and biweekly at the Rideau Sports Centre in Vanier.

Petra and her husband share a great passion and love for their animals. At Alpenblick Farm they raise livestock for organic grass fed meat production, and the numerous ‘pets’ that have found their way into their lives, are treated with much affection and care.

Petra is a firm believer in a natural approach to disease prevention for people and animals. In addition to the use of organic methods and the AIM products, Petra practices Reiki (a type of energetic healing therapy) on her animals.