Proud AIM Members Since 1987


Joanne and Wayne Jackson have been members of The AIM Companies™ since 1987, and have helped many others – just like you – create and build their own successful home business.


Their Story

Joanne’s father, who was showing remarkable improvements in his health by including an ‘unusual green drink’ in his diet, first introduced them to AIM and their ‘flagship’ barley grass product.  Wanting to improve their own health they too included the green drink into their daily routine, along with the only other two products AIM carried at that time.  In a very short period, Joanne and Wayne couldn’t believe the difference these products were making in their health.

As Joanne’s says, “almost immediately we felt a tremendous feeling of renewed
health and wellness and were excited about sharing the products with others.”

Wayne speaking at the Raising Healthy Families Seminar


The Jackson’s are instrumental in improving the quality and productivity of people’s lives by helping them overcome their health issues, and are passionate in finding solutions to help others.




Not only are Joanne and Wayne AIM Independent Business Owners, they also own and operate
Wayne Jackson Handyman Services, where Wayne is known in his area as the ‘go-to-guy’ for his keen ability to come up with solutions for practically any type of home repair or renovation.

Wayne is also a seasoned online marketer looking out for new and exciting strategies to help others promote their home business worldwide.

Joanne at the Erin Home Show.

Joanne is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) and has worked for many years in the customer service and retail sales industry. As an advocate of healthy eating, Joanne understands that the choices we make, and choosing them wisely, is the key to wellness and vitality. She writes and educates others about nutrition and how it relates to health, and loves to share her knowledge on how simple it really is to experience wellness and vitality.


Visit the website they created at Follow The Green where they provide ideas, tips, and solutions to improve your health, wealth, and happiness, the health of our planet, and the welfare of animals.

Joanne and Wayne’s philosophy is simple: “whether in health, wealth, or happiness, our success is built on the success of others.  As Members of AIM for over twenty-nine years, we feel privileged to have been part of such a dynamic company whose vision and desire to help others has always been their utmost priority.”

This is YOUR chance for a better future.  Won’t you join them?

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