You Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”.  It’s a popular phrase in that it does hold some truth to it.  The foods we eat contain a wide variety of essential and nonessential nutrients, as well as other substances that can affect our body functions.


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Back To School Basics

It’s that time of year again when parents are preparing to get their kids back to school.  For some parents it will be a much-anticipated time.  There is even a commercial on television singing, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”.   I don’t know about that as I do not have any children, but I do know one thing.  Children need to have proper nutrition. (more…)

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What Side Are You On?

Do you know disease can only survive in an acidic environment?  Do you also know our body struggles to maintain a steady pH (acid-alkaline) balance of our body fluids?

Every second, minute, and hour of each and every day there is a struggle going on inside each and every one of us to keep things running smoothly, and the key to vibrant health and wellness is keeping our pH in balance. (more…)

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Back To The Basics

During these tougher economic times, many of us are faced with decisions of what, and how, we need to cut back on in order to help pay for the rising costs of necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. (more…)

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The Benefits Of Barley Grass

One of the greenest grasses of the grass family, barley grass is considered the only vegetation on earth that can supply sole nutritional sustenance from birth to old age. (more…)

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