Emily Layton

Member Spotlight

Emily Layton

AIM Director Emily Layton personally knows that out of the most painful experiences can come beautiful things. She ended up having a business that greatly serves people’s nutritional needs as a result of her 13-year-old daughter's health issues.

Within a few months of starting on the Garden Trio, AIMega, Frame Essentials, PrepZymes and CoCoa LeafGreens, her daughter began to feel like herself again. Today she is thriving.

Emily gratefully acknowledges her sponsor, AIM Director Elizabeth Walter, for introducing her to AIM nutrition. “It has been so life-changing, and not only for my daughter. My whole family has experienced health benefits.”

When friends and family reached out for help, AIM nutrition worked for them as well. Emily began incorporating AIM products into boxes of plant-based food to provide smoothies and meals that people order and pay for through her Instagram page. “When someone doesn’t know what to do nutritionally, it’s so much easier to be handed a box of wholesome nourishment. This all happened organically, and I really love doing it.”

"It’s not about what you cut out, it’s more about what you get in your body. I’m just so confident in the AIM products and the power of plants."