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June 2010

30 JunHow To: Make the Switch to the New MyAIMStore Design

MyAIMStore looks brand new again. Find out how to freshen up your website by changing over to MyAIMStore’s new duds.

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24 JunSuper Simple Six-Minute Set-Up

Set up your site in six minutes? Splendid! Get step-by-step instructions on going from basic website to beautiful storefront.

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23 JunHow To: Add A Personal Photo

Wishing your MyAIMStore site was more photogenic? Well, adding a photo is easier than ever. Follow along with a detailed guide on all things uploading.

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17 JunGetting to Know Your MyAIMStore Dashboard

Have you logged in to your site and instantly been overwhelmed? Too much info and not enough explanation? Read this post for a primer on Dashboard culture.

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10 JunHow To: View Your MyAIMStore Website

What good is having a website if you never see it? Find out how to navigate to your MyAIMStore website to see what your visitors are seeing.

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03 JunHow To: Log In to Your MyAIMStore Website

To customize your site, you’ll have to log in to your site. Makes sense, I guess. Here are some instructions on how to get from outside to inside in no time flat.

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01 JunTour MyAIMStore

MyAIMStore is the website solution for AIM Members. Take a look around at some of its best features. Want to get…

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