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How to: Use a Page Template

Page templates are your new best friends. It’s true. I read about it on their Facebook.

Page templates are the easiest way to add cool content to your MyAIMStore website. You don’t have to write anything. AIM writes it for you. Where was this feature in honors English, am I right?

Instructions for Busy People

Here is a quick-and-dirty explanation of how Page Templates work and how they can work on your site.

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Color Scheme Collage: Taste the Rainbow

Did you know that the MyAIMStore websites come in 22 different color schemes? Of course you did. I told you that a couple weeks ago, and you have a mind like a steel trap.

Well, I have tried and tested all 22 of them, and I took pictures along the way. Here is an amalgam of every different color scheme you can have on your MyAIMStore website.

(Click to enlarge.)

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