Site looking a bit sterile? A personal photo may be just the flair you need.

The Quick Way

Adding a photo is one of the built-in features of the MyAIMStore websites. We want to make it as easy as possible on you. Follow these three steps to get your photo up and active:

  1. Log in to your website and click Customize.
  2. Scroll down to the Featured Image section, and click Upload.
  3. Find your photo on your computer, select it, and click Open.

MyAIMStore handles the rest.

The Long Way

Need a little more instruction than the Quick Way? No prob. Here is a detailed take on the image uploading process.

Log in to your website

This can be done using the link in the bottom right corner of your website. For more info, read a detailed How To on logging in.

Go to Customize

The Customize section of your site is where the photo magic happens. To get there, simply click on Customize in the left-side vertical menu once you are logged in. Confused? Don’t worry. There’s a more detailed How To on this, too.

Scroll down to the Featured Image section

The Featured Image section is the last option on the General Settings tab. Once you land on the Customize page (after clicking the Customize link), all you have to do is scroll. You should see a blank box with an upload button at the very bottom.

Click Upload

Upload is just a fancy way of saying, “Add my picture to my website please!” What you are essentially doing is taking a picture from your personal computer where only people looking over your shoulder can see it and putting it out on the World Wide Web where anyone from anywhere can see it.

Find your photo on your computer

After you click Upload, a dialog box will pop up. Chances are, it will look something like this:

This is the hard part. Do you know where you put your picture on your computer? I imagine that your picture came from a digital camera or an e-mail. If you have a usual place where you save these photos, then go ahead and head that direction. Click on the file you want. And click Open.

Make sure it is the right size

Once you click Open, MyAIMStore does some photo crunching and – voila! – your image appears on the page. How does it look? Probably pretty good. Keep in mind, though, that the image location on your website is a horizontal rectangle. If your picture isn’t anywhere close to that shape, it might look funky.

The ideal image size is 465×380 pixels. If your image is something different, it will simply be scaled to fit that size.

Want to scale it on your own? There are programs and services for that. A good one to consider is, which is essentially your computer’s Paint program on steroids. If you don’t want to download anything, give Picnik a try. It is a web-based photo editing tool.

And of course, if you’d prefer not to mess with either, simply e-mail it to us here at MyAIMStore Support, and we will be happy to hack and slash it to fit.

Speaking of MyAIMStore Support

Still stumped by this photo editing nonsense? No worries. E-mail MyAIMStore Support or give us a call (1-800-477-4246), and we’ll be happy to help.

Good luck. Let us know how we can help.