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The Backyard Brawl


Get ready to rumble!
Join us for the Backyard Brawl, an all-levels
CrossFit event hosted by Red Rush and Snake River CrossFit.

The big CrossFit Brawl of the Fall will take place at 3923 East Flamingo Ave. in Nampa, Idaho on September 27th at 9:00 a.m. The $35.00 ticket price gets you a tank top, a meal, two drink tickets and entry into the 10:00 a.m. three-part WOD. If you don’t scrub out on burpees and crawls during the first two rounds, you’ll qualify for the third and can feel extra-nifty about yourself. And if you’re not confident about your prowess as an athlete or redeemed your drink tickets just a little too quickly, all exercises will be scaleable to meet individual abilities. There will be contests, giveaways, prizes, DJ’ed music, good food, cold drinks and strong muscles. Bring your brawling clothes because this backyard is grass and you’re the lawn mower. It all wraps up around 2:00 p.m.

Spectating is absolutely free!

To register, go to

7 Summits: 5 Down, 2 to Go Event in Boise, Idaho



Boise, ID Martin Benning, three-time cancer survivor and globetrotting mountaineer, will be giving a presentation titled 7 Summits: 5 Down, 2 to Go€ at Urban Ascent (308 S 25th St, Boise, ID 83702) on August 15, 2014 at 6 pm. Benning will

be joined by his climbing partner, accomplished mountaineer Travis VanOverbeke. The event will be free and open to the public.

Martin Benning is also the founder of the Seven Summits Cancer Climb, an organization that raises money for cancer research and awareness by climbing the highest peak on each continent. He has conquered the peaks of five continents so far Europe, Australia, both Americas and Africa €”and only has Everest in Asia and Vinson in Antarctica to go. Benning is sponsored by Red Rush, a beet juice shot that promotes the natural production of nitric oxide for increased stamina and performance. Red Rush is a product of the Nampa-based AIM Companies.

On Saturday, August 16, Benning will be climbing at the City of Rocks from 8 am until 2 pm. A Red Rush booth will be set up and product information and sampling will be available.

Welcome to Our Red Rush Open House

Red Rush Open House

You are cordially invited to attend the Red Rush Open House.

Proudly hailing from majestic Idaho, Red Rush is the new performance shot with the optimum 500mg of beet nitrate for healthy promotion of nitric oxide. This new product is so amazing that we wanted to invite each of you to our headquarters located at 3923 East Flamingo Ave. in Nampa, Idaho on August, 14th at 6pm until 8pm.

There will be hors d’oeuvres, free samples of Red Rush and a nitric oxide testing station. Travel from booth to booth and hear our resident science experts explain the health benefits of nitric oxide. Find out why drinking beet juice can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain or why athletes can see a fifteen percent boost in stamina and performance after drinking Red Rush. Also, learn the science behind why beets have been known as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Or if you’re interested in starting or expanding your career with Red Rush and the AIM Companies, visit our business-builder booth to learn more about the limitless opportunities you can find in the local athletic, fitness and health-food markets. Members who bring a non-Member will receive a free gift. So grab your pal and c’mon down to our headquarters for an unbeetable evening.

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Blogging but Were Too Afraid to Ask

If you’ve wanted to write a blog but didn’t know where to start, join Josh Peterson, AIM Marketing Associate on June 4th at 1:00 pm MST for an AIM Webinar that will provide a basic tutorial with the know how you’ll need to build the foundation of an entertaining and lucrative blog.


Register –  Everything You’€™ve Wanted to Know About Blogging but Were Too Afraid to Ask

AIM’s Newest product Red Rush is now available

Red Rush is a non-traditional performance drink that boosts stamina and energy naturally over time.

Promote Red Rush on your MyAIMStore site using banners and images available in the Resource section and the Advertising Center at The AIM Companies website



Spring Cleaning on our website


It’s time for all of us to check those video links. Please note that some of our AIM videos have been updated to show new labels, news updates, or changes in product information. Please check that all the video links on your MyAIMStore site are still working and then if necessary you can make changes accordingly.

We’€™ve also made updates to the Mag-nificence Snapshot and the J.R. Celski Trials to Triumph€ videos.  You can find all the AIM Companies videos on our YouTube channel

Click here to get a list of all available AIM Videos

Video: MyAIMStore webinar replay

I had the privilege of hosting a MyAIMStore webinar earlier this month. A MyAIMStore whoob-n-what? Basically, I fiddled around on a computer for an hour and let people watch me. It was fantastic, if I do say so myself.

We set the VCR at the AIM offices to record the show, and the webinar is now available to replay for those who may have missed it the first time (or those who made it the first time but need a second or third time to figure out what I was saying).

Click the image below to watch. Enjoy!

Watch the MyAIMStore webinar.

MyAIMStore software upgrade

Just a quick heads up that the MyAIMStore sites received a software update this morning, so you may notice some minor changes on your dashboard. No, these changes don’t include retail ordering just yet, but thanks for asking.

If you have any questions or notice any bugs (technical, not entomological), give us a ring at 1-800-477-4246 or drop us an e-mail.

Rolling out the red carpet for new MyAIMStore users

Beginning Monday, March 1, the MyAIMStore websites are offered free of charge to all AIM Members. You may sign up for a new site at the AIM corporate website as well as follow a link to log in to your MyAIMStore. Don’t forget: If you want to change the content of your store, you can always log in by going to (just be sure to replace “storename” with the name of your MyAIMStore).

I would like to thank the hundreds of AIM Members who currently have MyAIMStore websites for their help in ironing out the wrinkles of this revamped service over the past 30 days. Your feedback has been invaluable. And keep it coming! The MyAIMStore sites exist to serve you and your business. If there are ways that we can improve the sites, let us know by emailing

Thanks again for choosing MyAIMStore for your AIM business. See you around the web!


Question of the week:

How can I check when someone contacts me through my MyAIMStore contact form?

The MyAIMStore contact form uses a comment field to receive contact submissions. When you log in to your MyAIMStore, you will be at the dashboard for your store. On this dashboard is a widget titled “Comments.” If someone has contacted you through your site, their message and information will appear here.

Here’s a tip: If you would like to receive your store contact in your email, go to Settings > Discussion in the left menu bar, and at the Discussion Settings screen, make sure that the box is checked to “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment.”

Updates for week of 2/25:

  • Updated the MyAIMStore Welcome Guide
  • Fixed a bug with the Contact form. You can now submit feedback by going to the MyAIMStore support page.