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Rolling out the red carpet for new MyAIMStore users

Beginning Monday, March 1, the MyAIMStore websites are offered free of charge to all AIM Members. You may sign up for a new site at the AIM corporate website as well as follow a link to log in to your MyAIMStore. Don’t forget: If you want to change the content of your store, you can always log in by going to (just be sure to replace “storename” with the name of your MyAIMStore).

I would like to thank the hundreds of AIM Members who currently have MyAIMStore websites for their help in ironing out the wrinkles of this revamped service over the past 30 days. Your feedback has been invaluable. And keep it coming! The MyAIMStore sites exist to serve you and your business. If there are ways that we can improve the sites, let us know by emailing

Thanks again for choosing MyAIMStore for your AIM business. See you around the web!


Question of the week:

How can I check when someone contacts me through my MyAIMStore contact form?

The MyAIMStore contact form uses a comment field to receive contact submissions. When you log in to your MyAIMStore, you will be at the dashboard for your store. On this dashboard is a widget titled “Comments.” If someone has contacted you through your site, their message and information will appear here.

Here’s a tip: If you would like to receive your store contact in your email, go to Settings > Discussion in the left menu bar, and at the Discussion Settings screen, make sure that the box is checked to “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment.”

Updates for week of 2/25:

  • Updated the MyAIMStore Welcome Guide
  • Fixed a bug with the Contact form. You can now submit feedback by going to the MyAIMStore support page.

How to: Upload a picture of yourself

Adding a profile picture to your website is a great way to bring a personal touch to your store. To view a sample of a MyAIMStore with a profile picture on the main page, visit the demo for Theme One.

To add a profile picture, you first need to upload a photo of yourself to your MyAIMStore. Log-in to your store’s dashboard, and select Media > Add New from the menu bar at left.

Click “Select Files” and browse for the file on your computer. Once you have selected the file, you may click “OK,” and MyAIMStore will upload the file.

Note: Take note of the “Image url” as this will be used to insert your picture into your web store.

Now head to your store’s Widget section by selecting Appearance > Widgets from the menu bar at left. Drag-and-drop the “Text” widget from the Available Widgets section to the Sidebar section.

In the text area, type the following, and place your image URL inside of the quotation marks:

<img src="image url">

Click Save. View your MyAIMStore to see if the image you inserted fits your theme. If not, you may need to resize your image using image-editing software or HTML code.

Note: For additional help with images, view MyAIMStore’s Frequently Asked Questions file.

Improve your site’s search ranking with MyAIMStore’s all-in-one SEO plugin

If you would like to take control of your site’s standing in search results, MyAIMStore has the power to do so. By customizing MyAIMStore’s SEO plugin, you can optimize your site for search success.

Activate the All-in-one SEO Pack plugin from the MyAIMStore plugin menu by going to Plugins > Installed from the menu bar at the left of your MyAIMStore dashboard. Find the All-in-one SEO Pack plugin on the plugin menu, and click “Activate.”

A notification bar may appear at the top of the page, asking you to set the SEO options. You may click on the link in the bar to access the options, or you can go to Settings > All-in-one SEO Pack from the menu bar at left.

Customize the SEO options by editing the text in the appropriate fields. When you are finished, be sure to click the radio button to “Enable” the plugin and choose “Update Options” at the bottom of the page.

Note: For SEO tips and recommendations, visit SEO Moz.

Using Google Docs as a contact form

There are many creative ways to use free software on your MyAIMStore website. One of the best free software tools is Google Docs, which features online document software that is accessible from anywhere. To use Google Docs, you must have a Google account. Get one by visiting Google’s homepage.

Log in to your Google account and visit Click on “Create New” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Select “Form” from the drop-down menu.

Create a form using the options on the Google Docs page. When you are finished with the form, click “Save.” Then click “More Actions” and choose “Embed” from the drop-down list. Copy the embed code.

Back at your MyAIMStore dashboard, select Pages > Add New from the menu bar at the left side. Give your new page a title (e.g., “Contact”). If you are typing in the Visual editor, switch to the HTML editor. Paste the embed code from Google Docs into the body of the HTML editor. Click Publish.

Whenever someone uses your Google Docs contact form, their information is stored in a Google spreadsheet for easy access. For more information on all the options that Google Docs offers, visit the Google Docs support page.