Apparently, there has been some concern as of late due to a clause in the Membership agreement that disallows Members from advertising their products for less than retail price. Members are allowed to sell their products for whatever they deem fair but can’€™t advertise that price.  Therefore, simple workarounds are required to let newcomers to the AIM products know that there are less expensive purchasing options.  Simplest solution is to craft text telling site visitors that a discounted price may be available to those who simply contact the sales rep such as:

€œContact me for more information, living well coaching and discount pricing.

Special offers available through inquiry.

€œPlease email me directly for information on discounts and deals.€œ

Something cheeky might be played for laughs and disarm cynical potential customers.

€œMy pocketbook likes it when you pay full price, however, your pocketbook may want to contact me for details on special offers.

A discount is just an email away.

€œIf you want a discount, all you have to do is ask.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to post questions, comments or requests for tailored copy in comments section.