As soon as you log in to your site, you will land on a page packed with information, links, widgets, doo-hickeys, and a whole lot of consternation. It could be confusing. It will probably be overwhelming. But working your way through this newfound wilderness is totally worth it.

The MyAIMStore Dashboard is your friend. And he has connections.


  1. The Menu (1). Though not as exciting as a Cheesecake Factory menu but a whole lot more exciting than an HMO pricing menu, the Dashboard’s Menu is your one-stop shop for navigating through your MyAIMStore options. The menu will always be on the left side of the page from now to forever, so you always have a means of getting around.Also of note, the Customize link lives here. This link is where you edit your site’s look and feel. You will get to know it dearly.
  2. MyAIMStore Blog Tips (2). Hey, that link goes to this site! Semi-regularly I post tips and hints and how tos on getting the most from your MyAIMStore site. You can keep abreast of all that simply by checking this part of your Dashboard page.
  3. Sales and Signups (3). Check in on the progress of your site by logging on to AIM’s corporate website to see your sales and sign ups that have occurred through your MyAIMStore.
  4. Visit Site (4). This link takes you to your website’s homepage.
  5. Right Now section (5). For bloggers only, you can see a snapshot of the activity on your posts and pages.
  6. QuickPress (6). Again for bloggers only (man, those guys are needy), QuickPress is a quick-and-dirty means of posting blog entries to your site.

If you have only read one thing I wrote this entire post, I hope it was this: The Customize link is in your Dashboard’s left-side Menu.