As you get more and more familiar with your MyAIMStore website, you may notice the importance of your website’s “Pages.” In MyAIMStore sites, pages are used as key navigational and organizational tools that help create an easy way for a visitor to browse your site. Most of you have set up pages that link to your product store and to a contact page.

Have you considered creating pages for AIM testimonies?

On the demo site for MyAIMStore’s Theme Three, I set up a page that features multiple testimonies from AIM Members. Go ahead and visit the link to see what the page looks like.

Creating this testimonials area was a two-step process. The first step is creating the testimony pages.

To create a testimony page, go to Pages > Add New from the left-side menu bar of your store’s dashboard. Give your page a title and enter in the text of the testimony in the content area. If you would like, a pair of testimonies are available to use as page templates. You can choose one of these testimonies by selecting one from the page templates drop-down at the right of the screen. More testimonies will be added at a later date.

After you are done creating your testimony pages, you will need to build a main testimony page that hosts links to all of your pages. I titled this page “Testimonies.” In the body of this page, you can add an image from the MyAIMStore Resources area, and you will want to add links to each of the testimony pages you created.

Once you are done building all of your testimony pages, you will want to head over to the Theme Options section of your website to complete the second step of the testimony process.

Under the Navigation Settings section, you can enter the page ID numbers of the pages that you do not want to appear in your home page’s main navigation. For instance, I did not want the individual testimony page links to appear on my homepage, so I entered their page IDs in this field. To find a page ID, go to Pages > Edit, place your mouse over the name of a page, and notice the link for that page.

The page ID of the sample page above is 3. Place this number in your Navigation Settings box, click save, and you’ll be all set.

Again, to view a testimony database in action, head over to the Theme Three Demo and click on “Testimonies” at the top of the page. And as always, if you run into any questions, feel free to email MyAIMStore Support at [email protected].

– Kevan