MyAIMStore websites could have all the customization in the world and it wouldn’t matter one bit if you could never get into your website to do anything about it. Logging in is an inalienable right of MyAIMStore ownership. Follow these instructions to ex- ex- exercise that right.

Log In Through Your Homepage

The easiest, simplest, straightforwardest way to log in is by web surfing your way to your MyAIMStore homepage. For instance, mine is Yours probably has fewer e’s. Need some extra help? Try this How To post on for size.

Once you are at your website, you’ll want to scroll down to the very bottom. Scroll, scroll, scroll! Once you hit the bottom (the bottom bar is black, kind of like a basement), there will be a link in the bottom right corner that says “Log-in to your MyAIMStore.” Click it.

The Log In Page

Once clicked, the link will take you to the Log In page where you input your username and password to gain access to your site’s options.

  • Username: Your username is most likely the same as your store name.
  • Password: I have no idea what your password is. Probably something creative and hard to crack, though. If you’ve forgot your password, you can click the “Lost Your Password?” link or e-mail MyAIMStore Support. We keep most passwords around for a rainy day.

The Remember Me Box

If you would like to cut down on your logging in time, go ahead and check the Remember Me box before clicking the Log In button. This will save your log in information so that you don’t have to waste precious milliseconds typing it in next time. I use this feature every chance I get. It’s my favorite.

Click Log In

And away you go!

New User Log In Alternative

If you have just received your first e-mail from MyAIMStore, you might find it easier to log in using the link provided to you in the e-mail. That’s fine. It won’t hurt my feelings. If you would prefer to bookmark that link or commit it to memory, that’s fine, too. But rest assured that the Log In link will always be in the bottom right corner of your website whenever you need it.