Did you hear the news? MyAIMStore has heard your feedback (it is such a good listener) and has implemented changes to make your life easier. A brand, spanking new look, a simpler streamlined Customize section, and support videos galore! Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming.

Of course, you’re probably here for that New Look information. And I can’t blame you. I would want to have this new MyAIMStore design on my site, too. In fact, I think I’ll follow along to learn how.

To Switch Or Not To Switch

That is the question, although it’s not really a question for a lot of you. Those using Theme One for their MyAIMStore website need do nothing in order to reap the goodness of the new look. Since Theme One was the default theme of MyAIMStore, it is simply being replaced. No extra work necessary.

For those operating with Theme Two or Theme Three, you can make the change whenever you are ready (or we can help, just e-mail us). The plan is to slowly phase out Themes Two and Three, but no hurry. I like to let the idea of change settle in before I do anything, too.

How To Switch

Log in to your site

For more on that, read this.

Go to Appearance

Look to the left of the page at that long, vertical menu. About halfway down (right above Plugins) sits the Appearance link. Give it a click.

Choose the MyAIMStore theme

You can tell what theme is active on your site by looking at the top of the page at your Current Theme. If it says MyAIMStore, you’re set! If it doesn’t, you’re still set, but you just have to do a little more work. (See a Current Theme screenshot.)

If you have Theme Two or Theme Three as your Current Theme, look down the page just a bit until you see Available Themes. The MyAIMStore theme will be in this group.

Click on Activate underneath the MyAIMStore theme picture.

Presto-changeo, you’ve come over to the new side!

Check out the Super Simple Six-Minute Set-Up for more information on what to do next.

And if you’re stumped by all this and/or find the video abhorrent, feel free to wave the white flag at MyAIMStore Support and send an e-mail.