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Alliteration aside, getting your MyAIMStore website set-up the way you want it is easier than you might think. Unless you think it will take two minutes, in which case you are mistaken.

To prep yourself for the Super Simple Six-Minute Set-Up (SSSS for short), all you need is a clear head, a quiet mind, and six minutes of time. Oh, and a computer.

Gentlemen and ladies, start your stopwatches!

Check E-mail

If you are truly starting from sign-up, this step will kick off your six-minute cycle. Every MyAIMStore sign-up receives an e-mail once your site is ready for your perusal. In this e-mail is helpful information like how to log-in, which becomes important right … about … now!

Log In

To log in via your e-mail, simply click the log-in link that we provided.

To log in via your website (for those of you just joining us), go to your site, scroll to the very bottom, and click the Log In To Your MyAIMStore Website link in the bottom right corner.

Enter your username and password, and away you go.

Click Customize

Congratulations if you made it this far. You’re the best. Now this next part is a little tricky, especially if you get distracted easily.

Ignore all the information on the page except for the Menu that runs vertically down the left side (if you’re really curious about this page, try this). About halfway down, underneath the Comments link and above the Appearance link, is a link called Customize. See it there? The one with the gear icon next to it?

Give ‘er a click.

Enter Personal Info

The Customize page has a series of options for you to fill out, so let’s get to it. Start at the top with your Member ID Number (this may already be filled out for you). Next, add your Name, Phone, E-mail, and Location. This information appears at various places around your website and when visitors click from your site to AIM’s site. If you have any privacy issues, best to leave some of these fields blank.

Upload A Photo

Skip to the bottom of the page to upload a personal photo. Click the Upload button, find your favored image on your computer, and click Open. MyAIMStore does the rest.

You will definitely want to choose a horizontal, rectangular image for your pic (one that is 465×380 pixels in a perfect world). For additional information, give the Photo Upload page a read or e-mail MyAIMStore Support.

Have an AIM Composure

You’ve earned it!

Set Color Scheme

This step is my favorite (because I love colors) and my least favorite (because I’m indecisive). There are over 20 color schemes to choose from, so have at it.

The Color Scheme selector is right above the Featured Image/Photo Upload section. Click the down arrow to see the list of options, and ignore the “.css” at the end of the color names.

Save Changes

Important. The Save Changes button is in the lower right corner or the upper right corner. You’ll know the changes have been saved when a green check shows up on screen.

Check Your Work

And stop the timer! You’re done!

Whew, that was a fast six minutes. See the Super Simple Six-Minute Set-Up in action via the following video:

Want to save this information forever and ever? Go ahead and print this page, or save the pictures included below.

[button link=”https://myaimstore.com/files/2014/06/6-minute-Setup1.pdf” size=”large” style=”download” color=”silver” border=”black”]Download Cheat Sheet[/button]