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Karina Gerhardt-Strachan, AIM Preferred Member


As a student with deadlines and time pressures, I know my stress levels can get out of hand. Since magnesium can be absorbed transdermally (through the skin), I love to use Mag-nificence CWR to increase my intercellular magnesium.

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Sandra Hicks, AIM Chairman’s Club Director


AIM makes sure that people are satisfied or they get a full refund for what they have spent. In all my years with this company, I have never ceased to be amazed at its goodness toward others as well as its support for business builders like me.

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Samuel Wu, Group Builder


I had chronic back pain since the age of fourteen. In my thirties, I was introduced to AIM and began using CalciAIM, Frame Essentials and Mag-nificence lotion. Within weeks, my back pain vanished as though it had never existed. I don’t believe in miracles, but this one is real. It has given me a new […]

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Diane Vezina, Ottawa, ON


I trust the quality of FloraFood and take it daily. It keeps my immune system strong, so I stay healthy even when I’m surrounded by people who are ill.

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Lori Ferree Storm


I’ve been taking BarleyLife for over thirty years! I can’t do without it. It even goes with me when I’m traveling.

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Susan Roberts


I took BarleyLife for granted because I’ve used it for years. But when my beloved old dog couldn’t walk anymore because of arthritis, I began giving her BarleyLife. Within one week she was back up on her feet. Now she can even take on stairs, whereas before she always needed to be lifted.

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Joan van Rensburg


I love all of the AIM products. They are unique, and I can’t do without them. But AIM is the pioneer of green barley juice . . . and BarleyLife brings LIFE to people all over the world!

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Carmie Jones


BarleyLife is what got me well more than twenty-five years ago, when nothing else did. And it is still keeping me well today. I’m disease-free and take no medications!

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Ralph Peterson, AIM Chairman’s Club Director


Sharing with one person can touch thousands … it takes a lot of hard work, but you just have to start with one person and introduce them to AIM’s whole-food juice concentrates and nutritional supplements.

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Tanya van der Westhuizen, AIM Director


A few years after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, I made some lifestyle adjustments, including a better diet and AIM supplements to prepare my body for a second pregnancy. I took the Garden Trio, AIMega and Herbal Fiberblend and used Renewed Balance. Everything changed for the better. Within two years, I was in good health […]

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I’ve used AIM products for years and it’s a major factor in my great health. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing AIM products with others. This is just a little about me that shows in the footer on every page and the About Me section on the blog.